Farah Carrasco – Rueda

Media Links

Here you will find information about the projects in which I participated published in different media sources:

methods.blog – Official blog of Methods in Ecology and Evolution – Canopy Camera Trapping: Heightening Our Knowledge of Arboreal Mammals” by Farah Carrasco-Rueda and Tremaine Gregory

Eurekalert! – Porcupines can’t jump: Camera traps in the forest canopy reveal dwarf porcupine behavior” June 24, 2015

Science Magazine – Animal Ecology section: “The secrets of canopy dwellers revealed” by Andrew M. Sugden

Discover Magazine – Here is what happen when you put camera traps in trees” by Elizabeth Preston. July 15, 2014

Mongabay – Canopy crusade: world’s highest network of camera traps keeps an eye on animals impacted by gas project” by Claire Salisbury. November 21, 2013.